Leading the Renewable Revolution

Clean Energy Research, Deployment and Commercialization
The World Energy Center is a large-scale, master planned, fully integrated renewable energy development and industrial center. The Center collaborates with multiple companies on the most technologically advanced renewable energy projects. Its mission as a clean energy innovation and commercialization “Hub” is to reduce the cost of clean energy and accelerate its worldwide deployment. Strategically located in Southern California, the Center will become the nerve center for the nation’s leading clean energy corridor.

World Energy USA, Inc. is the master developer of the World Energy Center and its many projects. The Center is a consortium of companies, cities and partners working together in collaboration. The group has had unparalleled success in the development of power projects in California over the past 20 years. The Center’s comprehensive approach to clean energy ranges from incubating new technologies, to distribution, to the development and construction of large power projects. Its innovative quasi Public-Private partnership brings together the best of the U.S. government’s resources with a fast moving entrepreneurial core. The World Energy Center and its collaborative group of partners expect to build out more than 5,000 Megawatts of solar, geothermal, wind, natural gas and other clean energy projects at a cost of approximately $15 Billion over the next 15 years.

The overall economic impact and benefits of the World Energy Center are many times that of stand-alone power projects. The World Energy Center significantly increases profit margins through lower costs and higher PPA rates. It generates additional revenues, fees and participating interests from activities both within the Center and from outside projects. Partners receive participating interests in the Center’s Technology, IPO, REIT and other activities. The development of its satellite centers and hubs will eventually incorporate hundreds of entrepreneurial companies developing hundreds of new projects and technologies.

The World Energy Center is modeled after the scientific management characteristics of the Manhattan Project and NASA space program. The John F. Kennedy Space Center set the stage for America's space exploration. Similar to how Silicon Valley spawned the computer and internet industries, the World Energy Center will become the catalyst for America’s renewable energy revolution. The Center will position the United States as a leader in low cost renewable energy, create hundreds of thousands of green jobs and educate the next generation of young Americans through its association with universities and technology training centers.

The World Energy Center is changing the way the world produces, uses and stores energy. The development of renewable energy, and in particular solar, has the long-term potential to deliver low-cost energy, to everyone, everywhere.

By working together, we can truly accomplish something extraordinary.
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